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Market to Gen Z based on their values

Gen Z cares about brands’ values — and easily spots brands that aren't genuine. The right language intelligence makes every word count in Marketing content.

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Corporate speak is bad for business

Corporate speak is everywhere, but it stifles employee engagement. Don’t let your words get in the way — be authentic in word choice and see results.

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The Words We Choose

An analysis of how large companies communicated to employees about the controversial decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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Celebrity Branding Partnerships – Making the Best Choices and Maximizing the Potential

Dr. Susan Fournier, Dean of Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, provides insights on the benefits and risks of tying your brand to a celebrity.

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3 Steps to Perfecting Your Brand Strategy | Interview with Julia Yager

As a seasoned CMO you’ve likely consulted Kotler’s Marketing Management textbook, AdWeek publications and American Marketing Association webinars. These resources are chock full of brand theories and implementation roadmaps. They are great for nailing marketing basics like customer profiling, conversion tracking and social media optimization.

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Don’t let your words get in the way.

Build meaningful connections anytime, anywhere. That’s the power of Pluralytics.