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PRWeek: Enter the robots

what does ChatGPT mean for professional communicators?

January 2023

By Rick Byrne
COO and Co-founder, Pluralytics

“No robots were used during the writing of this essay.”

This is the kind of label, or warning, that may soon be a consideration for professional communicators of all stripes, from journalists to publicists and marketing content creators. In the past few weeks, ChatGPT has generated an enormous amount of well-deserved buzz for its ability to write like a human based on conversational prompts. It is a surprisingly adept writer and shockingly fast and well-versed. It has stunning implications across the communications field as well as others like search and the semantic web.

I have spent my career as a professional communicator and have a deep respect for the writers who do the yeoman’s work, day in and day out, at agencies and in-house shops. I have worked with them my entire career and consider them “talent.” What they do is hard and has been made harder by the volume requirements of digital and the proliferation of platforms that require unremitting content care and feeding.


Enter the robots.

The startup I co-founded, Pluralytics, has been working with Open AI, the creator of ChatGPT, since we were part of a private beta group in May 2021. We use their remarkable software in certain features of our language intelligence product ValuesFinder, which helps communicators analyze content to understand the lexical elements driving performance and to create content that deepens connection based on human values. One of our differentiators is human-in-the-loop language generation. We have a team of language analysts — yes, people — that helps our customers level up their copy based on our language suggestion algorithms to increase engagement. Their mandate is to return the kind of high-quality copy that is demanded by our enterprise customers, a group that includes several Fortune 500 brands.

This week we launched our own entry into the natural language generation space, a values suggestion engine, in beta, that…

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