Pluralytics… uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan websites, social media posts and marketing scripts to determine how well companies are appealing to their customers, then recommends words that would better engage the intended audiences.
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Today, more that 70% of marketers say their companies create off-brand content.

The result? Reduced performance, content waste, brand confusion and missed revenue opportunity.

Pluralytics language intelligence SaaS uses AI to ensure brand voice consistency by allowing you to understand the key lexical elements of brand voice – values, tone, and style – and score them against a custom benchmark before content is released.

The result? A deeper audience connection and improved performance.

Connection + Consistency = Messaging Success

Learn more about how our platform can improve your messaging performance. It’s like adding a behavioral scientist, linguist, and expert copywriter to your team in one click.



Know you are delivering your Brand Voice every time.


Until now marketers and content creators needed to rely on gut instinct to determine whether or not messaging and content—ads, social posts, website copy—were delivering on corporate values and achieving their tone of voice and style.

Pluralytics OnBrand platform uses leading-edge AI and NLP to measure brand voice and matches it to KPIs, so marketers can know with scientific certainty when they are living up to their ideal brand voice, when they are missing the mark, and what is driving performance.

Creative Pre-Testing: Score content against your custom brand voice before you publish.


Provides a data-driven component to the rationale for creative.

Adds an analytics layer to the creative process/workflow to pre-test content for values connection, tone of voice, and style.

Ensure messaging is meeting Brand Voice expectations every platform, every time.

Analytics: Monitor content post-publication: is it OnBrand? What’s driving performance: ascertaining values and tone in language and matching patterns to performance.

Messaging consistency = ROI.


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of large companies

are under considerable pressure to weigh in on social issues by customers, employees and shareholders.

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1 in 5


will “walk away forever” if a company’s values don’t align with their own.


Solutions Customers
1 in 5


will “walk away forever” if a company’s values don’t align with their own.


4 of 5


say it’s important to invest in companies that align with their values.

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ValuesFinder is a ground-breaking, AI-powered language intelligence SaaS platform. ValuesFinder is the only solution that helps companies achieve critical values alignment in every communication. We provide deep intelligence: from your email campaigns to your social content to your website. ValuesFinder™ reads content, tells you which value sets and values-driven consumer groups it will connect with — and why.


ValuesFinder powerful insights on language to help marketers, communicators, and content creators connect positively with people’s underlying values.

Customers input content and score it for values-appeal, tone of voice, and style. We provide unlimited seats and unlimited scoring.

If content doesn’t meet a custom benchmark, optimization can be requested in the system to level-up messaging to meet a values/audience target.

The system returns high-quality copy rewritten using AI by a team of language analysts.

ValuesFinder optimized copy deepens connection with stakeholders, drives engagement, and improves performance.

Unlock the potential of your words

Let us help you build deep connections, understand language with scientific precision and hit the mark in every communication.