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Language appeal can be measured and predicted based on people’s values.

Pluralytics is the first AI precision language intelligence platform to help brands understand how people respond to language based on what they value in life. Our groundbreaking language intelligence uncovers who language connects with and why. We help leading brands and creators make a values-driven connection with who matters most.

We had a hypothesis when we started Pluralytics: that words too often get in the way of people connecting to content based on what they value most. And then, we proved it. Our proprietary research shows that almost every word we choose predicts values alignment and appeal. With Pluralytics, our customers create and deliver more authentic and appealing content, every time.

Pluralytics ValuesFinder: Leading Natural Language AI and Behavioral Science to power results

Behavioral science methodology, tested in over 50 countries. Our models and algorithms are rooted in principles of behavioral science such as the Universal Values Model, which says that humans share at least 10 basic universal values. Research and testing in countries around the world show empirical support that these basic human values exist: Conformity, Tradition, Security, Power, Achievement, Hedonism, Stimulation, Self-Direction, Universalism, and Benevolence. Values are powerful drivers of human decision making, and each of these values drives motivations and goals. The characteristics of any one of these values is compatible with some and incompatible with others.

Statistical alignment of US consumer survey insights matched to values characteristics and fine-tuned into target personas. Our targeting models are built on stable-over-time national consumer insights to create proprietary and dynamic multi-dimensional personas based on people’s values. We help marketers target audiences and deepen connections by understanding primary drivers of worldviews and how they translate to the language people respond to. The result is the ability to predict language that will deepen connection based on demographics, psychographics, or identified attitudes. We have discovered and proven that every word and phrase can be predictive of affinity to certain target audiences based on their personal values. When you speak in the language of values, your message is more likely heard through the noise and resilient relationships can be built.

Proprietary AI learning feedback loop for language intelligence. Our machine learning algorithms parse values, tone of voice and other lexical elements of text including complexity and formality to discern patterns based on sample text corpuses ingested and modeled during customer onboarding. Throughout the process, feedback and testing is generated and applied – from performance metrics to human-in-the- loop assessment – to improve performance and accuracy of our models.

Hundreds of millions of words and phrases analyzed to determine language patterns connected to values. We’ve analyzed a vast corpus of organizational, consumer-facing content categorized by various factors including audience affinity to determine patterns based on target persona values characteristics. Our computational linguistics and proprietary data science have created the first values translation engine. Our tools dimension the predictive nature of language and its relationship to human connection.

Key values segments are aligned with powerful language themes.

Natural language generation conditioned on values-driven language. We have trained our proprietary learning models leveraging GPT3’s powerful AI to build our exclusive values language generation engine. It instantly rephrases copy to enhance potential affinity with the desired target audience. Our platform ascertains key language characteristics and attributes on a per sentence and document basis to give content creators precision intelligence to improve language. Our language generation models are updated and enhanced through a feedback loop which ensures higher quality, consistency and alignment which derisks the downside of AI language generation models..

Precision not chance: Values Language benchmarking and proximity scoring. A five-factor proximity score is created by determining indexes for the ideal target values levels for each customer/target and then each document is measured for its proximity to that ideal index score. The algorithm we use to measure the relative proximity of one text to an ideal composition for values-appeal draws from concepts used to identify biomarkers for clinical diagnosis in medicine.

And the Results?

Write successful content at scale. Our subscribers experience growth in engagement, drive consistency, quality and have new powerful insights into creative choices. Our system analyzes each piece of content against brand specific, ideal models, and instantly provides insights, suggestions and even fully optimized versions to meet your content goals.




More engagement

Find and repeat previously undiscovered and powerful connections between your brand’s words, people, values, tone, style, and patterns of success.


Increase in Values and Tone Alignment

77 percent of brands admit to creating off brand content. It costs money and time to create content that doesn’t resonate. Brands use Plurlaytics to protect themselves from reputational risks associated with venturing outside their voice. We derived our proprietary models by studying hundreds of leading brands, their tones of voice and personalities. Our algorithms help our customers share their stories in their ideal voice more often. We help make real the brand guide page that says we talk like this, not like that.



Increase in Readability

When Complexity or Formality are too high, research shows content can be more difficult to understand and even be less believable. Our subscribers easily create more high-quality content by not only enhancing values and tone but by optimizing for complexity or formality that align with their brand and communications goals.

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