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Until now marketers and content creators needed to rely on gut instinct to determine whether or not messaging and content—ads, social posts, website copy—were delivering on corporate values and achieving their tone of voice and style.

Pluralytics OnBrand platform uses leading-edge AI and NLP to measure brand voice and matches it to KPIs, so marketers can know with scientific certainty when they are living up to their ideal brand voice, when they are missing the mark, and what is driving performance.

Creative Pre-Testing: Score content against your custom brand voice before you publish.


Provides a data-driven component to the rationale for creative.

Adds an analytics layer to the creative process/workflow to pre-test content for values connection, tone of voice, and style.

Ensure messaging is meeting Brand Voice expectations every platform, every time.

Analytics: Monitor content post-publication: is it OnBrand? What’s driving performance: ascertaining values and tone in language and matching patterns to performance.

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