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Major Social MEDIA Network

Social Media Instant Messaging Platform GenZ Language Roadmap


Major social network wants to improve connection with GenZ audience and needs language/messaging intelligence, analysis & recommendations to reposition a strategically important product  already live in the marketplace.


Applied ValuesFinder™ algorithm to review and analyze core client brand language alignment with GenZ values.

Pluralytics audited brands and communications with high GenZ appeal to identify the optimal mix of values languages to increase engagement.


30MM words/phrases analyzed for 100 brands indexing at 125+ for GenZ audience in national consumer survey.

Analyzed transcripts from 10 well-known GenZ YouTube influencers attracting 90MM views, to find semantic patterns and measure values appeal.

Analyzed transcripts of successful digital video campaigns by category leaders trusted by GenZ, reaching 70M+ views.


Guessing and gut instinct replaced with GenZ messaging Roadmap for client to communicate effectively with GenZ by deploying language that aligns consistently with their values.

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