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Lumina Foundation “Talking About Race” Quiz

Instagram Campaign


Identify cost-effective ways to attract values-defined audiences and and convert them to completing Lumina’s racial equity self- assessment quiz. Create and validate a marketing and engagement funnel via a series of tests that identifies the most productive positioning, language selection, and targeting.


Applied ValuesFinder™ algorithm to target customers using data about brand affinities, interests, values, and behavior.

Developed ad positions with discrete audiences aligned to Pluralytics values-based audience definitions.


Ingested and analyzed all Instagram campaign copy to measure against target audiences.

Optimized creative for values-alignment with targets.

Targeted creative to custom values segments on Instagram and compared performance to baseline.


For every values-defined audience, values-optimized ad copy resonated most with its intended audience and outperformed the baseline in both CTR and in content downloads.

  • AVG View Rate lift was 128% compared to baseline.
  • Optimized creative outperformed baseline 66% of the time to drive downloads (conversion goal).


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