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Fortune 100 Media Company Facebook Video

Promo Campaign


Use values-aligned language with a critical customer segment to increase click-through to video views as part of a social media ad campaign.


Applied ValuesFinder™ algorithm to build target customer segments, using data about brand affinities, interests, values, and behavior.

Set a ValuesVoice™ benchmark to measure campaign language against.

Optimized social ad creative to match values signals with target segment.


Ingested and analyzed all campaign copy to ascertain alignment with ValuesVoice™ benchmark.

Optimized ad creative for values alignment.

Targeted creative to custom values segments on Facebook and compared to baseline.


Pluralytics values-optimized copy resonated most with its intended audience and outperformed the baseline content.

Projected Campaign Impact:

  • 140% Increase in CTR
  • 73% Savings in CPC

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