Drive messaging connection and brand consistency for your users with Pluralytics AI language science.

Accelerate your AI Language Generation roadmap quickly and save development costs with easy-to-implement Pluralytics API and development tools.

Quickly create a suite of AI-powered language intelligence and generation product features that will provide benefits, deepen engagement with your customers, and drive revenue.

Be responsive to your customers with a leading-edge AI Language Analytics and Generation solution that is customized for them, ensures consistency of brand voice, identifies of offbrand content and improves content engagement based on behavioral science.

Allow Pluralytics to be your Language AI experts, keeps up on NLG changes and de-risking, so you can focus on your core business/value to your customers.


Pluralytics API works with any LLM.




Brand voice and target audience scoring

Read any piece of content and score it against a custom brand voice, performance or target audience benchmark.


Rewrites that improve performance.

Rewrite any piece of content so it hits the target benchmark. Pluralytics’ testing shows a 30% increase in engagement using its appeal-driven copy.


Custom Language Benchmarking Analytics

Provide a deep understanding of the lexical elements of any corpus of content and set a benchmark against that ideal: brand voice, target audience, performance patterns driving KPIs. Aggregate language results in your analytics to show trends and key indicators of success.

Don’t let your words get in the way.

Build meaningful connections anytime, anywhere. That’s the power of Pluralytics.

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