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Pluralytics is the first language intelligence solution powered by people's values.

From email to social and web, our SaaS platform “reads” content, tells you who it appeals to - and why - and then recommends language, authentic to your brand voice, to deepen engagement.

Our leading-edge approach is rooted in behavioral science and machine learning and identifies whether a company speaks effectively to its values-driven customers, shareholders or employees. In a deeply fragmented, polarized marketplace, more than 50% of all consumers use values when making purchasing decisions, and almost every word we choose conveys values.

Using an analysis of millions of words and phrases, we have uncovered patterns that predict how language will appeal to someone's values. Our customers are seeing impressive increases in engagement across their communications. They are also building their competitive advantage and efficiency in their messaging by delivering on a more consistent voice and values in all their communications.

We have cracked the code on engaging key values-driven consumer and stakeholder segments across demos and generations, from Millennials and GenZ to Seniors.

Pluralytics was selected by the prestigious Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) —a highly competitive, seed- stage program for startups that employ innovations in technology and business models that promise a chance of delivering massive improvements to economic productivity and human welfare.

Let us help you build deep connections, understand language with scientific precision and hit the mark in every communication.

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Leadership team

Alisa Miller

CEO & Co-founder

Named by Fast Company as a Most Influential Woman in Technology, Alisa Miller is a tech founder, groundbreaking C-level executive, and board member with experience on a global stage. Before starting Pluralytics, Alisa was CEO of Public Radio International (PRI) from 2006-2018 and was the first woman and youngest CEO to head a major public radio network. Under her leadership, she led product launches, oversaw significant M&A and attracted approximately $50 million from the philanthropic sector. In 2018, she led PRI’s merger with PRX, creating a company that reaches 28.5MM users and has 100MM podcast downloads monthly. She speaks on the power of purpose-driven businesses and on tech/media’s power to shape knowledge and action. Her TEDTalk has 2MM+ views/translated into 48 languages.

Rick Byrne

COO & Co-founder

Rick Byrne is a leading marketing and communications executive with a proven track record of creating compelling digital experiences that leverage technology to drive audience and engagement. His efforts have helped consequential content reach millions of people. Rick has been a leader in digital media from start-ups to established brands, including serving as Digital Publisher for public radio’s flagship international news program, “The World,” and as SVP Marketing and Communications at the award-winning digital news startup GlobalPost. He has headed up communications and digital strategy for the Emmy-winning weekly newsmagazine "Now on PBS,” oversaw the website for “Bill Moyers Journal,” and communications for PBS' acclaimed documentary series "Frontline." He also served as VP of Marketing and Sales for a NASDAQ-listed startup ISP.

Morteza Nia, Ph.D.

Head of Machine Learning and NLP & Co-founder

Morteza Nia has been active in information extraction and recommendation throughout his Ph.D. and tenure in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies and tech startups. He specializes in machine learning, natural language models and building algorithms. He is passionate about data-driven products and developing new approaches to solving complex problems through machine learning.

Unlock the potential of your words

Let us help you build deep connections, understand language with scientific precision and hit the mark in every communication.